Book reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Advances in Cancer Control-Health Care Financing and Research edited by Lee E. Mortenson, Paul F. Engstrom and Paul N. Anderson

Social Skiiis Training And Psychiatric Nursing by O. Hargie and P. J. McCarten. Croom Helm

Manual of Nursing Therapeutics: Applying Nursing Diagnoses to Medical Disorders edited by Pamela L

From Practice to Grounded Theory: Qualitative Research in Nursing edited by W. Carole Chenitz and Janice M. Swanson

Psychology for Nurses: A Concise Nursing Text by Annie Altschul and Helen Sinclair

A Handbook of Communication Skills edited by Owen Hargie

Patterns in Specialization: Challenge to the Curriculum by Rosemary Donley

Cancer. A Guide for Patients and their Families by Chris and Sue Williams

Family-Centered Nursing in the Community by Barbara Bryan Logan and Cecilia E. Dawkins

Nursing Student Census with Policy Implications by P. Rosenfeld

Trauma Nursing edited by Virginia D. Cardona

Stress and Self-Awareness: A Guide for Nurses by Meg Bond

Ethics in Nursing-An Annotated Bibliography by Terry ence

Ophthalmology for Nurses by Hannah Gaston and Andrew Elkington

New Approaches to Theory Development edited by Patricia Moccia

Midwives in History and Society by J. Towler and J. Bramall

The Relationship of Theory and Research by J. Fawcett and F. S. Downs

Basic Family Therapy by Philip Barker