A point prevalence survey carried out to determine the number of pressure sores within the Nottingham Health Authority revealed that 5.3% patients were affected (132 patients out of 2513). The majority of patients were elderly (80.3% aged over 65), female (76.5%), and either categorized as immobile or having very limited mobility (77.2%). There were 233 pressure sores, 54.9% of which were on the buttocks or sacrum, and 24.9% of which were on or near the heels and ankles. Nine different cleansing agents were in use, 31 different preparations were applied to the sores and nine types of dressings were employed, with little standardization of use. The most popular aids used for the relief of pressure areas included synthetic sheepskin pads (supplied to 46.2% of the affected patients) and ripple mattresses (supplied to 28.8% of the affected patients). The prevalence of pressure sores within the health authority is indicated. These findings are similar to those of a previous study and may be applicable to other health areas.