Book reviewed in this article:

A Bibliography of Nursing Literature: The Holdings ofthe Royal College ofNursing 1976–1980 by Frances Walsh.

Wound Management. A Comprehensive Guide to Dressing and Healing by Jill A. David

Life Before Birth: Consensus in Medical Ethics by Kenneth Boyd, Brendan Callaghan & Edward Shotter

Stoma Care Nursing by Catherine Elcoat

Political Issues in Nursing: Past, Present and Future volume 2 edited by Rosemary White

Stress and the Nurse Manager by Peter Hingley & Cary L. Cooper

Breasts, Bottles and Babies: A History of Infant Feeding by Valerie Fields

Psychology and Psychiatry; An Integrated Approach 6th edn by P. Dally & Mary J. Watkins

Learning to Care in Community Psychiatric Nursing by Martin Ward & Roy Bishop

Learning to Care in the A & E Department by Gary Jones

A Manual of Interpersonal Skills for Nurses — An Experiential Approach by Carolyn Kagan, Josie Evans & Betty Kay

The Lippincott Manual of Paediatric Nursing 2nd edn by Lillian S. Brunner & Doris S. Suddarth, adapted for the UK by Barbara F. Weller

Behavioural Psychotherapy. Maudsley Pocket Book of Clinical Management by Isaac M. Marks

Better Patient Care Through Nursing Research 3rd edn by F. G. Abdellah & E. Levine

The Nursing Process in Orthopaedics by Delores C. Schoen