Patient teaching or patient counselling?


  • Jenifer Wilson-Barnett PhD MSc BA SRN DipN RNT FRCN

    Corresponding author
    1. Professor and Head of Department of Nursing Studies, King's College, University of London, London
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    Patient is a term used intentionally to indicate that this pertains specifically to those who have a medically diagnosed condition. Although much of this paper may be relevant to others it is not designed to reflect needs for health education or strategies employed.

Professor J. Wilson-Barnett, Department of Nursing Studies, King's College London, 552 King's Road, London SWIO OUA.


Careless or eonfused use of terms sueh as information giving, teaehing and eounselling may lead to inadequate understanding and practice. In view ofthe progress made in this area, designed to help patients eope with illness and treatment, this paper aims to elarify and identify similarities and differenees between these aetivities and discuss their relevance for those in most need of these types of eare. Having recognised the complexity and persistence of sueh needs, patients,* their relatives and nurses should perhaps decide their respective roles and work towards improving the quality of and opportunities for sueh interventions.