This paper considers the career patterns ofthe graduates of the University of Wales College of Medicine Bachelor of Nursing course. The 4-year course commenced in 1972 and has now seen 11 years of graduates. A longitudinal questionnaire survey has been administered annually to graduates ofthe course to ascertain information relating to the posts held and qualifications gained by graduates, which is the focus ofthis paper. The questionnaire also elicits graduates' perceptions ofthe value of aspects ofthe degree course to posts held, and the reaction of colleagues to the fact that they are nurse graduates. The results of the follow-up are presented to show the posts held by graduates at four time intervals; 6 months, 2 years and 5 years following graduation, and all graduates at the 1986 follow-up. The numbers ofthose who have obtained various post-registration qualifications are also presented. Thefindings support those of other follow-up studies of nurse graduates and diplomates. The graduates largely entered nursing or related posts, with the majority remaining in clinical-based posts as opposed to teaching and administration. Thefindings lead to further questions regarding the role and function ofthe nursing graduate. Further study is currently in progress to compare various elements ofthe practice style of Bachelor of Nursing graduates with non-graduate nurses.