Book reviewed in this articles:

An African ‘Florence Nightingale’. A Biography of Kofoworola A. Pratt by Justus A. Akinsanya.

Community Nursing. Research and Recent Developments by G. Baker, J. M. Evan, L. McDonnell & B. Wall.

Innovations In Nursing Care: A Study of a Change to Patient Centred Care by Claire A. Hale.

Surgical Technology: Principles and Practice by Joanna R. Fuller.

Nursing Principles: A Guide for Practice by Jan Snowball & Wendy Green.

Computers and Nursing, Application to Practise, Education and Research by H. C. Cox, B. Harsanyi & L. C. Dean.

Computers and their Application to Nursing edited by B. Koch & J. Rankin.

Baillière's Pharmacology and Drug Information for Nurses, Second edition. Balliere Tindall

A Personal Approach to Patient Care by P. J. Hunt & B. Sendell.

Psychiatric Nursing: A Therapeutic Approach edited by Peggy Martin.

Helping Families: Systems, Residential and Agency Responsibility by P. Bruggen & C.

Mastering Pain. A Twelve-Step Regimen for Coping with Chronic Pain by Richard Sternbach.