Book reviews


Book reviewed in this articles:

Essentials of Nursing: An Introduction by S. Collins & E. Parker.

Lifelines: An Account of the Life Experiences of Seven People With a Mental Handicap Who Used the NIMROD Service edited by S. Humphries, G. Evans & S. Todd.

A History of the Queen's Nursing Institute by Monica E. Baly.

Nursing Care of Rheumatic Patients by J. M. H. Moll & M. V. Lee.

Practical Burns Management by J. Harvey Kemble & Brenda E. Lamb.

Decision Making in Emergency Nursing by M. E. Mancini.

Research Methods and Statistics in Health Care by Norma G. Reid & Jennifer R. Boore.

Psychology in Action. Nursing in the Community by Susan P. Llewellyn & Dennis R. Trent.