Books Reviewed in this Article:

Research for Policy and Policy for Research:A Review of Selected DHSS-funded Nurse Education Research 975-1986 by Jane Robinson and Ruth Elkan.

12 Lead ECG Interpretation: The Self-Assessment Approach by Abedin-Conner.

Nursing the Dying Patient by David Field.

Skills for Care Planning: A Guide for Teaching the Nursing Process by Diane J. Marks-Moran.

Pain, Clinical Manual for Nursing Practice by M. McCaffery and A. Beebe.

Nursing Practice and Health Care edited by S. M. Hinchcliff, S. E. Norman and J. E. Schober.

Health Care for an Aging Society edited by S. Andreopoulos and J. R. Hogness.

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing by Laura Aromando.