Nursing knowledge: women's knowledge. A sociological perspective



As nurses approach the 21st century questions are being raised regarding the direction in which the profession is moving The majority of leaders and educators in the field of nursing have, to this point, stressed the importance of defining nursing as a science and of developing a scientific knowledge base Recently, however, there has been a move among some researchers and theorists in the field of nursing to question the ability of science and the saentific method to deal with nursing concerns Using a variety of perspectives, including feminist theory, they are cnhqumg many of the basic assumptions about saence, saentific method and saentific knowledge This paper uses soaological and feminist theory to support the idea that nursing, as a discipline, has a distinct knowledge base which is not grounded in empirico-analytic science and its methodology but which stems from the lived experiences of nurses as women and as nurses involved in caring relationships with their clients