Book reviewed in this article:

Promoting Health Among Elderly People King Edward's Hospital Fund for London

Guidelines for Clinical Nursing Prachces Related to a Nursing Model by EM Jamieson, JM McCall & R. Blythe

Physiology with Anatomy for Nurses by Sheila M Jackson & Penelope J Bennett

Midwifery Questions Answered edited by V Smith Faber and Faber

Sensory Deception a Scientific Analysis of Hallucination by Peter D Slade & Richard P Bentall

The New Faber Anatomical Atlas by Anne Roberts & Audrey Besterman Faber and Faber

Vascular Nursing edited by Victora A Fahey

Stress and Organtsational Prohlems in Hospitals Implications for Management by Don Wallis & Charles T de Wolff

Choostng a Model Canng for Patients with Cardiovascular and Respiratory Problems edited by Helen Chalmers