Book reviewed in this articles:

A Strategy for Nursing. A Report of the Steering Committee

Patient problems: A Research Base for Nursing Care by Jenifer Wilson-Barnett & Lynn Batehup.

Psychological Care in Nursing Practice by Michael E. Hy land & Morag L Donaldson.

Reading Research (Or How to Make Research More Approachable) by M. Ogier.

Griffiths and the Nurses — A National Survey of CNAs by J. Robinson, P. Strong & R Elkan.

Making General Management Work in the National Health Service by Warren Kinston & Ralph Rowbottom.

Clinical Education in Perspective by Lyn Martin.

Nursing Concepts for Health Promotion by Ruth Beckman Murray & Judith Proctor Zentner

AIDS: Scientific and Social Issues. A Resource for Health Educators

Learning About AIDS. Exercises and Materials for Adult Education about HIV Infection and AIDS. (9 pages + 134 pages of exercies.) by Peter Aggleton, Hilary Homans, Jan Mojsa, Stuart Watson & Simon Watney.

Community Midwifery — A Practical Guide by M. Cronk and C. Flint.