Book reviewed in this article.

The Sociology of Old Age by G. Fennell, C. Phillipson & H. Evers.

Psychosocial Nursing Concepts

Recent Advances in Nursing: Current Issues edited by Lisbeth Hockey.

The Discovery of Insulin by Michael Bliss.

Preparing Nurses for Using Information Systems: Recommended Informatics Competencies edited by Hans E. Peterson & U. Gerdin-Jelger.

Helen of Burma by Helen Rodriquez.

Nursing 88 Drug Handbook.

Perioperative Patient Care

Vascular Nursing edited by V. A. Fahey, W. B. Saunders

Trauma Nursing. From Resuscitation Through Rehabilitation by V. D. Cardona, P. D. Hum, P. J. Mason, A. M. Scanlon-Schipp & S. W. Veise-Berry, W. B. Saunders

Gerontological Nursing. Concepts and Practice by M. A. Matteson & E. S. McConnell, W. B. Saunders

Nursing: Human Science and Human Care — A Theory of Nursing by Jean Watson

The National Health: A Radical Perspective

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing by Margaret P. Benner.