Theory Z as a framework for the application of a professional practice model in increasing nursing staff retention on oncology units


Maria T Boyd RN BSN Center for Health Sciences 42-121 University of California Los Angeles CA 90024 USA.


Recruitment and retention of nurses is the most significant issue facing nursing administrators, educators, researchers and clinicians in the ongoing nursing shortage in the United States today It has been cited in the literature that American nurses feel that job satisfaction is a major issue in retaining qualified nurses in hospitals Satisfaction occurs when nurse expectations are matched with the hospital's vision and values It is for this purpose that the authors have chosen theory Z as a hospital management model to coincide with the inshtutioin of the Marker Professional Practice Model to increase job satisfaction (autonomy) in hospital-based nurses There are four ‘hidden’ challenges in health care today They are (a) fundamental changes occurring within the profession and practice of nursing, (b) the expanded role of women in management, (c) ethical dilemmas related to advances in medical technologies, and (d) the difficulty for health care managers in the United States to make changes related to the above three challenges The authors feel that it is inherent to the nursing profession to combine existing theories and models to enhance the retention of nurses to the profession