Preparation for Caesarean childbirth: derivation of a nursing intervention from the Roy Adaptation Model


Dr J Fawcett 720 Middle Turnpike Storrs CT 06268, USA.


The paper describes a programme of research directed toward developing and testing a nursing intervention derived from the Roy Adaptation Model of Nursing and designed to prepare expectant parents for unplanned Caesarean birth The first study was a retrospective survey of Caesarean-birth parents that revealed the need for detailed information about the events surrounding Caesarean birth The second study was a clinical field test of the nursing intervention, which consisted of a pamphlet containing information about all aspects of Caesarean birth with follow-up discussion of pamphlet content Data analysis indicated that Caesarean-birth parents found the pamphlet content informative and reassuring and found the follow-up beneficial The third study was a clinical field test of a modified version of the intervention consisting of the pamphlet and focused discussion about Caesarean birth Data analysis revealed that the nursing intervention provided the information expectant parents needed to prepare for the possibility of Caesarean childbirth The fourth study is an ongoing experiment designed to test the effects of the nursing intervention on responses to unplanned Caesarean birth Emphasis throughout the paper is placed on the links between the Roy Adaptation Model and the methodology and findings of each study