Use of community support services by elderly patients discharged from general medical and geriatric medical wards


Professor Manlyn F lacksm. School of Nursing University of Victoria, Box 1700, Victoria BC, V8W272 Canada


This descriptive study examines the use of community support services by elderly persons discharged from general and genatric medical wards of a large acute care British teaching hospital A convenience sample of 40 patients were interviewed at 6-week intervals over a 3-month period about their need for and use of community support services The type of ward from which patients were discharged did not influence the use of nursing, homemaker, physician, or warden/community visitor services, hospital day care, or meals-on-wheels Patients who used the largest number of community services, and were the most frequent users of all available services, were those who, because of their fragility, died or were readmitted to hospital within 6 weeks of discharge All families interviewed identified a need for more information about their elderly members’ illnesses and prescribed medical regimes