Book reviewed in this article:

Current Issues in Nursing edited by Moya JoUey and Peta Allan Chapman and Hall, London, 1989 183 pages, £10.95

The Healing Web Social Networks and Human Survival by Marc Pilisuk and Susan Hillier Parks University Press of New England, Hanover, 1989 242 pages, £8.95 (paper) and £17.25 (cloth)

Nursing Elderly People editedby C A Dye Recent Advances in Nursing, No 23, Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh, 1989 96 pages, £9.95

The Clinical Nurse Specialist in Theory and Practice 2nd edn, edited by Anne B Hamnc and Judith A Spross W B Saunders, London, 1989 466 pages, £18.75

Applied Miaobiology edited by Pam Caddow Scutan Press, London, 1989 262 pages, £9.95

Midwife and Other Poems on Canng by Manlyn Krysl National League for Nursing, New York, 1969 42 pages, £9.95

Textbook of Pain edited by Patrick D Wall & Ronald Melsack Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh, 1989 1064 pages, £95.00