Research on nurse-patient relationships: problems of theory, problems of practice


  • Carl May BScEcon AlnstAM Cert Admin

    Corresponding author
    1. Research Student, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, Department of Nursing Studies, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
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Carl May, Department of Social Policy and Social Work University of Edinburgh 23 Buccleuch Place Edinburgh EH8 9LN


Research, theoretical and educational literature on interpersonal relations between nurses and patients has proliferated since the 1960s This has generated a range of divergent accounts of what the nurse-patient relationship (NPR) ought to be, how this should be achieved, and how the NPR is constituted in practice In this paper — through a selective review of the literature — the development of two contending perspectives on NPR and on nurse - patient interaction (NPI) characterized as technocratic and contextual, is discussed, and related to the increasingly problematic status of the relationship between nurses and patients in nursing theory and research