Assessment of hearing loss in elderly people: the feasibility of a nurse administered screening test*


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    Project undertaken as part fulfilment of the MSc in Nursing Studies at Kmg's College London

Ms Deborah Newman, Department of Health end Nursing Studies, Glasgow College Cowcaddens Road Glasgow G4 OBH


This paper examines the findings and implications of an exploratory study which was designed to determine the feasibility of a nurse administered hearing screen test for elderly patients Theoretical and practical considerations which influenced the design of the hearing assessment test (HAT) and the method of the study are discussed A sample of 27 elderly hospital inpaients, with a mean age of 81 years, participated in the study The results of the new HAT were validated by comparison with audiometric assessment results Analysis using the Generalized Linear Model showed a significant (P 0 01) relationship between the total HAT score and the audiometnc measures, with the exception of the audiometnc classification of hearing loss which was significant at P.0 05 The results demonstrate that the HAT is a potentially useful tool for nurses to use, but that refinement of the scale and further validity and reliability testing is required before it can be adopted as part of the nursing assessment of elderly people