Nursing: a career of yesterday?


Miss PA firby, Lecturer in Nursing, University of Liverpool, 1 Abercromby Square, PO Box 147, Liverpool L69 3BX


This quantitative study indicates that the recruitment problem in nursing may be more significant than previously thought Other research had suggested that the fall in the number of 16 to 18 year olds and the widening labour market may cause some difficulties Literature relating to occupational choice, the changing labour market for women and the image of nursing are considered to provide a theoretical framework. The results from a questionnaire dearly demonstrated that interest in nursing as an occupational choice is small, with less than 2% declaring an interest Many of the fifth formers had high aspirations for themselves This was particularly significant for girls hoping to obtain 5 or more subjects in the general certificate of secondary education They seemed to have replaced nursing with the professions as potenhal occupational choices The findings from the study indicate that nurse leaders need to take urgent action in relation to recruitment policies for the future, and ideas for further research are suggested