Creative international networking towards academic nursing education and research in The Netherlands


  • Johanna C M H Diepeveen-Speekenbrink RN BSN

    Corresponding author
    1. Project Director for Graduate Nursing Education and Research, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
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Johanna C M H Diepeveen-Speekenbrink, Jan Steenlaan 45, 3723 BT Bilthoven, The Netherlands


This article describes the changes occurring in nursing education in The Netherlands The key factors influencing this process are addressed Nurse education in The Netherlands still takes place mainly in hospital schools of nursing In 1972 an important innovation was realized when the first two undergraduate nursing education programmes were started within institutions for higher educahon Today there are 18 such programmes in the country and since 1980 there is also one graduate programme at the University of Maastricht Another major event occurred in 1986 when the University of Utrecht and the local School for Higher Education together initiated the development of a graduate programme in nursing education A collaborative master's degree course was created with the University of Wales, United Kingdom Meanwhile, three Dutch universities have joined efforts and are presently working together with regional schools for higher professional education on a national plan The aims are to establish (part-time) master and doctoral degree programmes in nursing and academic nursing research within the next few years