The work style of students of mental health nursing undertaking the Project 2000 schemes of training: a logical analysis


  • John S Drummond RMN RGN RCT RNT MEd(Hons)

    Corresponding author
    1. Senior Tutor (Psychiatry), Dundee and Angus College of Nursing and Midwifery, Ninewells, Dundee
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Mr John Drummond, 51 Milnbank Road (3A) Dundee DD1 SPY Scotland


The work methods of students of mental health nursing are analysed to see which are best suited to facilitate the central educational aims of the Project 2000 schemes of training Supervised primary nursing is found to be best because it engenders a professional cognitive style and a heightened sensitivity to the empirical, research-based culture It is argued that team nursing causes, in its practitioners, a bureaucratic cognitive style, which acts as a structural constraint upon the learning and mastery of the process skills advocated by the Project 2000 authors