Cardiac nurses: coping with stress


Dr M Ehrenfeld Department of Nursing Sackler School of Medicine Tel-Aviv University, Ramat Aviv Tel Aviv 69978, Israel


This paper describes issues relating to coping with stress as expressed by nurses in cardiology The data were collected at a 1-day workshop on ‘Coping with Stress’, sponsored by the Israel Cardiac Nursing Association in response to repeated requests from nurses in cardiology The programme included theoretical presentations Group work focused on the nurses ‘self-evaluation of coping with stress, rather than on patients’ needs Twenty-two groups of 15 nurses each worked with pre-trained group leaders on the following issues causes and origins of stress, coping strategies and mechanisms, feelings and emotions accompanying the different coping strategies, suggestions and alternatives for improving coping skills The group process also included experiential exercises Analysis of the nurses' coping strategies in relation to staff, patients and their families, and work-related issues suggests four distinct coping modes Nurses' overall responses were positive and emphasized practical benefits for future work