The meaning of change to individuals within a college of nurse education


  • Peter S Davis MA BEd(Hons) CertEd SRN DipN ONC

    Course Director
    1. Bloomsbury College of Nurse Education, Minerva House, Chenies Street, London WC1E 7ER, England
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Change is an inevitability in all aspects of our lives today, with the prospect of an exponentially increasing rate of change This study attempts to provide a clearer understanding of the meaning of change to the individual within a college of nurse education The thoughts and feelings of individuals towards change are often subjective and contradictory in nature A cultural perspective using a phenomenological approach was therefore adopted Using the attributes of a ‘new paradigm research’ enabled a harmony to be achieved between the methodology and the paradoxical elements of change and the individual The study identified that good change is dependent upon a partnership between manager and managed or teacher and student It became evident that a true partnership based on open, supportive and trusting relationships was deficient in some areas Three themes concerning the individual and change evolved as being important (a) a perception of the individual's need to be self-empowering, self-helping, self-caring, self-motivating, (b) the need for the individual to be resilient to change and reflective in practice; and (c) a perception of change as a learning experience