Nationwide faculty development: a model for a shift from diploma to baccalaureate education*


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    Parts of this paper were first presented at the International Council of Nursing, 19th Quadrennal Congress, Seoul, June, 1989

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Many countries are in the process of moving nursing education from 2-year or 3-year diploma programmes to institutions of higher education This paper reports on a national project in Israel in which diploma school faculties were retooled for baccalaureate teaching. Among many issues associated with this shift are two addressed by this paper what are the essential differences between diploma and baccalaureate education and how can faculty be developed so that the change is substantive and not the same type of education with a different label? The authors propose (a) more radical changes must occur in the preparation of faculty for there to be substantive differences in the graduates, (b) the objectives curriculum model widely exported from the USA promotes training for technical levels of nursing and inhibits true education for professional practice; (c) there are six types of learning, not one, and the difference between technical and professional nursing education lies in the types of learning emphasized by faculty