Changes initiated by a nursing supervision programme: an analysis based on log-linear models



The paper discusses the effects of a nursing supervision programme on nursing practices, more specifically on how nurses take their patients' needs into account The analysis is based on the need theory by Yura and Walsh and examines the changes initiated by the programme on the basis of the subjects' own experiences The study was earned out in three Finnish public health care organizations A total of 26 specially trained nurses took part in the supervision programme The data were collected by a questionnaire immediately before and after the programme and, in order to evaluate long-term effects, 1 year later Log-linear models were the main method of analysis The results indicate that the programme had some very favourable effects According to the nurses involved, their freedom of action and willingness to act, as well as nursing activity itself, had greatly improved The change was most noticeable in the case of willingness to act. The nurses also felt that the programme had helped them to understand better the relationship between these three components The results provide some useful clues with regard to the effects of nursing routines and the organization's nursing culture on the nurse's job and her activity