Following various national HIV and AIDS awareness campaign activities under the auspices of the Ministries of Health and Education, Zimbabwe, an AIDS KABP survey was undertaken The study sample comprised 478 high school students randomly selected and stratified to represent sex and Forms 1 through to 6 The study instrument was a 31-item questionnaire designed to assess the students’ knowledge, attitudes, practices and sources of information in relation to HIV syndrome This report reviews only that part of the study dealing with sources of information Newspapers, television, radio and magazine were the most frequently cited sources of first information Classmates were Cited by 20% to over 30% of respondents as first sources of information Authority figures like health workers, parents, teachers, the Church did not emerge as significant sources of first information Doctors were identified as the most preferred source of information m future Sources of first information were related to age, form level, sex and location of school attended There were notable differences between boarding school respondents and day scholars No regional differences were noted