The colposcopy experience: what do women know?


L S Nugent Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing University of New Brunswick Saint John Campus PO Box 5050, Saint John New Brunswick E2L 4L5 Canada


A study of 149 first-time colposcopy women was undertaken to determine their level of knowledge about female anatomy, abnormal pap results, and the colposcopy procedure Factors which influenced their knowledge were also explored Results suggest that women are missing fundamental knowledge about the experience, for example, location of the cervix (39 6%), site of pap smear (44 3%), meaning of pap result (38 9%), and the purpose of colposcopy (32 4%) Older women with a university education knew more Women's perception of information gained through personal contacts and this information combined with that obtained through written material had a significant impact on what they knew Women identified the type, source and preferred timing of additional information that would be helpful The data provide valuable insights for nurses who practise in ambulatory settings and doctors’ offices