The experience of receiving therapeutic touch


  • Nelda Samarel EdD RN

    Corresponding author
    1. Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, School of Science and Health, William Paterson College of New Jersey, Wayne, New Jersey, USA
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N Samarel Six Greenleaf Drive, Englishtown, New Jersey 07726, USA


The purpose of this qualitative study was to describe the patient's experience of receiving therapeutic touch (TT) treatments The design was informed by phenomenology in the sense that it was searching for a definition of the lived experience of the phenomenon of TT Data were obtained through one open-ended interview and a second clarifying interview of each subject All data were subjected to content analysis For participants, the lived experience of TT was described as a linear process that began with the perceived need for and decision to seek treatment It progressed through one or more treatments and continued to have an impact upon the participants’ lives These findings were examined within the context of Martha Rogers’ conceptual system This study has shown that, for 20 participants receiving treatment, TT was a fulfilling multidimensional experience that facilitated personal growth Such an experience can only enrich the lives of those who receive treatment Certainly, a nursing intervention that can achieve such a positive influence has potential for use in all areas of nursing care and needs to be explored further