Job satisfaction of nursing staff working in hospitals


  • Stephen J Cavanagh RGN MPA PhD

    1. Professor of Nursing, School of Health Sciences, Wolverhampton Polytechnic, 62-68 Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV1 1DJ, England
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Job satisfaction remains an important consideration for both employer and employee and, despite numerous investigations, many questions about it remain unanswered Many research metholologies have been used with varying degrees of success However, the trend is now away from simple correlational studies towards modelling techniques Data from 221 female nurses working full-time in hospitals were collected using questionnaires delivered with monthly salary cheques The model presented had many statistically significant path coefficients including (in order of size) benefits, participation in decision making, education, routine, promotion, and opportunity for advancement outside their institution The level of salary was not found to be a statistically significant factor in determining job satisfaction