Experiences of informal carers providing nursing support for disabled dependants


  • F Ian Atkinson BSc(Hons) PhD RGN RMN

    1. Research Fellow, Nursing Research Unit, Department of Nursing Studies, University of Edinburgh, 12 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH8 9LW, Scotland
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This paper provides an account of the experiences of a group of informal carers who provided nursing support for their physically disabled dependants The project was designed to establish the extent to which carers are equipped to fulfil their role in terms of equipment, facilities, skills, levels of personal health and the extent of support available to them from agencies outside the home The carers were found to be providing the majority of nursing support required by their dependants This mainly involved carrying out tasks of personal care although, for some, more technical procedures were involved The findings indicate there is scope for professional nurses to make a greater contribution to the support of informal carers, particularly by regular review of the nature and level of assistance which carers provide and by giving training in the skills which carers require