Outcomes evaluation: measuring critical thinking


  • Mary A Miller PhD GNP RN

    Professor of Nursing and Health Care Management, and Associate Dean, Corresponding author
    1. School of Professional Studies, Metropolitan State College of Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA
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Professor MA Miller 747 South 10th Avenue Brighton Colorado 80601 3236, USA


Nursing education, along with higher education in general, is increasingly focusing on educational outcomes, critical thinking is one of these outcomes This study examined the impact of a baccalaureate registered nurse programme on the critical thinking skills of students Students were tested upon entry and exit of the programme and a significant (0 05) difference was found Subtest gains were significant (0 05) on Recognition of Assumptions, and Deductions A significant relationship (0 05) between the nursing grade point average (GPA) and the post-test total score existed, accounting for a variance of 4% No relationship was found between the post-test total score and the general education GPA The two GPA correlation coefficients were significantly different from one another (0 05) Since one goal of professional nursing education is to prepare nurses who engage in complex problem solving and critical thinking, both the curriculum and teaching strategies need to enhance these skills