King and Neuman: in search of the nursing paradigm


  • Mary A Burney RN C

    Staff Nurse, Corresponding author
    1. Geriatric Psychiatric Unit, University of Texas Health Science Center — Houston, Hams County Psychiatric Center, Houston, Texas, USA
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Mary A Burney 4531 Warm Road Houston Texas 77035 USA.


There is a wellspring of support within the nursing profession for the development of a true nursing paradigm, based on a unified theory to support practice, to advance the professional status of nursing in a changing health care environment In this, the preparadigm stage of nursing, there are at least 125 theories, many of them viable Prominent among them are those of King and Neuman The King theory is rooted in the effectiveness of human interaction between nurse and patient to set and achieve health goals The Neuman theory is a stress-oriented system espousing the development of patient defences and resistance The similarities outnumber the differences between the two Both seek a conceptual foundation upon which the profession may be structured to achieve its highest ideals