Book Reviews


Books Reviewed in this Article:

Patients' Rights, Responsibilities and the Nurse by Bridgit Dimond.

A History of Mental Health Nursing by Peter Nolan.

Psychological Care in Physical Illness 2nd edn by Keith A. Nichols.

Psychology and Mental Health Nursing by Derek Milne.

Aspects of Forensic Psychiatric Nursing edited by Paul Momsson & Philip Bumard.

Measuring Outcomes in the Mental Health Services by Susie Green

Cancer in Practice by G.J.G. Rees, S.E. Goodman & J.A. Bullimore.

Nursing Care of the Immunocompromised Patient by M. Linda Workman, Jan Ellerhorst-Ryan & Victoria Hargrave-Koertge.

Nursing Practice and Health Care 2nd edn edited by S. Hinchliffe, S. Norman & J. Schober.

Falls in the Elderly by Joanna H. Downton.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Nurse Education: the Use of Performance Indicators by A. Narayanasamy.

The Doctor, The Patient, and The Group: Balint Revisited by Enid Baliit, Michael Courtenay, Andrew Elder, Sally Hull & Paul Julian.