Books Reviewed in this Article:

Ethics in Nursing Practice 2nd edn by Graham Rumbold.

Nurse Education: A Reflective Approach edited by J. Reed & S. Procter.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry edited by Dora Black & David Cottrell.

Death, Dying and Bereavement edited by D. Dickenson & M. Johnson.

Medicine in the Frail Elderly: A Problem Orientated Approach by Roy A. Fox & John A.H. Puxty.

Quality Assurance in Health Care: A Handbook by R. Ellis & D. Whittington.

Management for Clinicians by Tony White.

Patient and Person: Developing Interpersonal Skills in Nursing by Jane Stein-Parbury.

A Self-Help Guide to Managing Depression by Philip J. Barker.

The Busy Person's Guide to Care Management by Bob Hudson.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support: The Practical Approach by the Advanced Life Support Group.

Caring in Crisis: A Handbook of Intervention Skills 2nd edn by Bob Wright.