Books Reviewed in this Article:

Healing Through Communication: The Practice of Caring by Carol Leppanen Montgomery.

Becoming a Nurse. A Career Survival Guide by Mike Lowry.

The Gift of a Child: A Guide to Donor Insemination by Robert & Elizabeth Snowden.

Sociology of Health and Health Care: An Introduction for Nurses edited by Steve Taylor & David Field.

The Management of Terminal Malignant Disease 3rd edn edited by C. Saunders & N. Sykes.

Nursing — Its Hidden Agendas by M. Jolley & G. Brykczynska.

Caring for Health: History and Diversity edited by Charles Webster.

Spirituality and Nursing Practice by Judy Harrison & Philip Bumard.

Collaborative Nursing Case Management: A Handbook for Development and Implementation by V. Del Togno-Annanasco, L. A. Hopkin & S. Harter

Human Structure and Function: Nursing Applications in Clinical Practice by C. Brooker.

Guidelines for Clinical Nursing Practices by E. Jamieson, j. McCall & R. Blythe.

Nursing: The European Dimension edited by Dame Sheila Quinn & Susan Russell.