Curriculum evaluation in nursing education: a review of the literature


  • Judith Chavasse BA RGN Dip Nurse Tutors

    Corresponding author
    1. Postgraduate Student, Departments of Education and Nursing Studies, The Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
      Judith Chavasse, 176 Barton Road East, Dublin 14, Ireland.
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Judith Chavasse, 176 Barton Road East, Dublin 14, Ireland.


Most curriculum evaluations in the literature have been reported by nurse evaluators; aims, criteria and methods are drawn chiefly from sociology, general education or management. There is an absence of studies exploring relevance to national health care need, nurses' accountability to their clients and outcomes of curricula. There appears to be much interest in innovatory programmes, students' experiences and sociological understandings, with some concern for specific aspects of curricula generally recognized as being problematic. The number of qualitative or mixed methodology studies is compatible with process curricula and with academic and professional validation.