The orientation phase of the nurse-client relationship: testing Peplau's theory


  • Cheryl Forchuk RN PhD

    1. Associate Clinical Professor, McMaster University and Clinical Nurse Specialist, Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital, PO Box 585, 100 West 5th Street, Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 2B3, Canada
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This investigation used a prospective design to examine the orientation phase of the nurse-client relationship A total of 124 newly formed nurse-client dyads constituted the sample Preconceptions of both clients and nurses were related to the duration of the orientation phase and development of the therapeutic alliance There was support for the importance of other interpersonal relationships for clients but not for nurses Anxiety was not found to be significantly related to the development of the therapeutic relationship The explanatory power resulting from including both nurse and client variables was considerably greater than client factors alone or the nurse factors alone as predictors of the therapeutic relationship The current investigation validates the need for research specifically testing nursing theory