A survey conducted throughout the United Kingdom examined the current provision being made to train nurses to care safely and sensitively for patients with HIV and AIDS Problems relating to intolerance and prejudice are still commonly encountered The study recommends that HIV and AIDS should be set into a wider context of sexuality, death and infection control rather than singled out for special attention Nurses, both students and qualified staff, need to gain insight into their own values and prejudices if these are not to inhibit the giving of good quality care Teaching in this subject area requires special skills and there is concern that nursing is not equipped to deal with it The involvement of clinical specialists in educating nurses is perceived to have a strongly positive effect, helping to bridge a credibility gap and compensating for the lack of clinical experience amongst the teachers Providing opportunities for nurses to meet with people whose lives have been profoundly affected by the virus is also a powerful form of learning There is, however, a great need for support in this stressful area of practice