Book reviewed in this article:

Focus Charting Documentation for patient-Centered care 6th edn by Susan Lampe

Teaching and Assessing Nurses A Handbook for Preceptors by Rebort Oliver & Colin Endersby

Understanding and Management of Nausea and Vomiting by Jan Hawthorn

Leg Ulcers Nursing Management A Research-Based Guide edited by N Cullum & B Roe

The Social Meaning of Midwifery by Sheila Hunt & Anthea Symonds

Midwife Teacher, Glosgow College of Nursing & Midwifery, (East Division), Glosgow At a Loss Bereavement Care When a Body Dies by Alan Stewart & Ann Dent

Tradition and Reality Nursing and Politics in Austraha by B McCoppin & H Gardner

Appling for Research Funding Getting Started and Getting Funded by J B Ries & C G Leukefeld

Work and Health An Imtroduction to Occupational Health Care edited by Margaret Bamford Champan & Hall, London