Book reviewed in this article:

Pharmacology for Nursing Care 2nd edn by Richard A Lehne

Pain Management and Nursing Care edited by Dawn Carroll & David Bowsher

Alongside the Person in Pain Holistic Care and Nursing Practice by M Fordham & V Dunn

The Care of Wounds by Carol Dealey Blackwell Scientific Publications

Urological Nursing edited by Clive Laker

Living Sexuality (Issues for Nursing and Health) edited by Christine Webb

Interpretive Phenomenology Embodiment, Caring, and Ethics sn Health and Illness edited by P Benner

Seclusion and Mental Health A Break With the Past by Ann Alty & Tom Mason Chapman & Hall

The Handbook of Psychotherapy edited by Petrüska Clarkson & Michael Pokorny Routledge

Project Management and Control by David W J Day Macmillan, Basingstoke

The Research Experience in Nursing edited by Jill Buckeidee & Richard McMahon Chapman and Hall

Nursing Research Theory and Practice edited by Michael Hardey & Anne Mulhall Chapman and Hall

Unifying Nursing Practice and Theory edited by Judith Lathlean & Barbara Vaughan Butterworth Heinemann