Book reviewed in this atricle:

Trauma Resuscitation The Team Approach edited by Peter A Driscoll, Carl L Gwinnutt, Cindy LeDuc Jimmerson & Olive Coodall Macmillan, Basingstoke

Nursing Implications of Laboratory Tests 3rd edn by M B McFarland & M M Grant International Thomson

Nursing and Social Policy Care in Context edited by Pippa Gough, Sian Maslin- Prothero & Abigail Masterson Butterworth Heinemann

Health as Expanding Consciousness 2nd edn by Margaret A Newman National

The Social Context of Health and Health Work by Linda Jones Macmillan

Pennatal Psychiatry Use and Misuse of the Edinburgh Post Natal Depression Scale edited by John Cox & Jem Holden Gaskell

Health Care Needs Assessment (2 volumes) edited by A Stephens & J Raftery

Nursing Research and its Utilization edited by Joyce Fitzpatnck, Joanne S Stevenson & Nikki S Polls

Liaison Psychiatry Defining Needs and Planning Services edited by Sidney Benjamin, Allan House & Peter Jenkms

Creating a Healthy Camp Community A Nurse's Role by Kns Miller Lishner & Margaret Auld Bruya Amencan

Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques 3rd edn by Anne GnfBn Perry & Patricia A Potter Mosby

The World ofFnda Kahlo The Blue House edited by Enca BiUeter University of Washington Press, Seattle

Explonng Physiology An Interactive Workbook for Nurses by Christopher J Goodall

If Symptoms Persist by Theodore Dalrymple Andre Deutsch