Book reviewed in this article:

Nursing Adolescents Research and Psychological Perspectives by Jayne Taylor & Dave MUller

Treating AIDS with Chinese Medicine by Mary Kay Ryan & Arthur D Shattuek

Children's Nursing in Practice The Nottingham Model by Fiona Smith

Emphasis Nursing Leadership Part II volume 5, number 1, 1995 Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Department of Nursing

Mastering Documentation edited by J Wallis Springhouse Corporation

Illuminations The Human Becoming Theory in Practice and Research edited by Rosemarie Rizzo

Ethics Professionai Issues edited by Verena Tschudin

Analysis and Evaluation of Conceptual Models of Nursing 3rd edn by J Fawcett F A Davis

Intensive Care and Clinical Biochemistry by Peter Gosling

Stress and Coping in Mental Health Nursing edited by J Carson, L Fagin & S Ritter Chapman

In Search of Nursing Science edited by Anna Omery, Christine E Kasper & Gayle G Page