Book reviewed in this article:

The Biological Basis of Ageing Conference Report The Medical Research Council/Research into Ageing Workshop held on 6 October 1993 by T B L Kirkwood & S P Wolff

Negotiating Realities Making Sense of Interaction Between Patients Diagnosed as Neurotic and Nurses by Stephen Tilley Avebury

What Model of Clinical Supervision Would be Useful for In-patient Psychiatric Nurses? by Maureen Deacon

Liver Transplantation Practice and Management edited by James Neuberger & Michael R Lucey

Foundations of Nursing Theory Contributions of Twelve Key Theorists edited by Chris Metzger McQuiston & Adele A Webb

Hope and Hopelessness Critical Clinical Constructs by C J Farran, K A Herth & J M Popovich Sage

Legal Aspects of Nursing 2nd edn by Bridgit Dimond

Palliative Care for People with AIDS 2nd edn by Ruth Sims & Veronica

Promoting Health A Practical Guide 3rd edn by Linda Ewles & Ina Simnett

Women's Health Care A Comprehensive Handbook edited by C Ingram Fogel & N Fugate

Gender and the Professional Predicament in Nursing by Celia Davies