Book reviewed in this article:

A Dictionary of Nursing Theory and Research 2nd edn by Bethel A Powers & Thomas R Knapp

Theory and Practice in Health and Social Welfare by Neil Thompson

Key Aspects of Caring for the Acutely 111 Technological Aspects, Patient Education, and Quality of Life edited by Sandra G Funk

Empowering Practice in Social Care by Suzy Braye

Evaluating the Quality of Care by P Irwin & J Fordham

Anaesthesia A-Z An Encyclopaedia of Principles and Practice by S M Yentis

Tuberculosis A Sourcebook for Nursing Practice edited by Felissa L Gohen & Jerry D Durham

HIV & AIDS A Strategy for Nursing Care 4th edn by Robert J Pratt Edward Arnold

Nursing Theones The Base for Professional Nursing Practice 4th edn by Julia B George Appleton

Nursing Law and Ethics edited by John Tingle & Alan Cnbb

Nursing and Social Change 3rd edn by Monica E Baly