A research study exploring the patient's view of quality of life using the case study method


  • Andrea E Dale RGN RHV RNT BEd(Hons) MN

    1. Senior Lecturer, School of Health, Staffordshire University, David Hollin Building, Staffordshire General Infirmary, Foregate Street, Stafford ST16 2PA, England
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A research study into the patient's perspective of quality of life is outlined This phenomenon had not been explored at the time when the study was in process However, late in 1993 towards the end of the study a paper was published by Bertero & Ek in which the findings of a similar study were discussed The findings of this study reinforced and expanded upon those of Bertero & Ek After a brief outline of the research study this paper explores validity in qualitative research, the case study method, method triangulation and the application of the hermeneutic cycle The latter two of these were strategies adopted within this study to promote validity The paper ends with a discussion of the main findings from this study and conclusions