Book Reviews


Books reviewed in this article:

A Virignia Henderson Reader Excellence in Nursing edited by J Halloran Springer

HIV Care A Comprehensive Handbook for Providers by Laurie J Andrews Laurie B Novisk and associates Sage

Community Phychiatric Nursing. A research Perspective vol 3 edited by Charles Brooker and Edward White Champman and Hall

Community Health Care Nursing edited by David sines

Towards Independence and Choice. A review of Policy Guidance and Standards of Care for Elderly People by C Scoot & J clark

Gerontologic Nursing edited by Ann M Carignan Delmar

Reshaping Dementia Care Practice and Policy in Long-Term Care edited by Miriam K Aronson Sage

Foundations of Nursing Throry Contributions of Twelve Key Theorists edited by Chris Mentzer McQuiston and Adele A Webb Sage

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing by Marga Sumon Coler Karen Goyette Vincent & K V Getrust Delmar

Practice Forensic Psychiatry edited by Derek Chiswick & Rosemance Cope Royal College of Phychiatrists

The Question of being A Reversal of Heidegger by Stanley Rosen

Demythologising Heidegger by John D Caputo

The Young Heidegger Rumor of the Hidden King by John Van Buren