Reported in this paper is a single-case experimental design study on the behaviour of a 32-year-old schizophrenic female inpatient, presenting with maladaptive behaviours necessitating care in a medium secure environment A baseline of her observed behaviour on the unit was taken The information gathered was used to assist in deciding the differential effects of psychosis vs behavioural manipulation on her presentation and to assist in planning her immediate and future management/treatment Situational factors portrayed as likely indicators of maladaptive behaviours proved difficult to influence, owing to the nature of the subject's environment Cognitions and learnt behaviours were targeted Recent research indicates that for some schizophrenics cognitive-behavioural treatment of hallucinations/delusions using a focusing strategy is effective in reducing the symptoms' frequency Frequency of the behaviours was recorded whilst this cognitive approach to symptom reduction was used A marked decrease in her maladaptive behaviours was noted