Books reviewed in this article:

Nursing care of Adults edited by James P. Smith

Advanced Practice A Guide to Professional Development edited by Mariah Snyder & M P Mirr

Action Research for Health and Social Care, A Guide to Practice by Elizabeth Hart & Meg Bond

Nursing Replay Researching Nursing Culture Together by Annette Street

Passionate Enquiry and School Developement A Story About Teacher Action Reasearch by Manon Dadds

The Ideology of Communty Care by David Skidmore

Nursing Diagnostic Handbook A guide to Planning Care 2nd edn by B J Ackley & G B Ladwig

Improving the Patient's Lot edited by V Kumar.

Medicine and Health Service by Sylvia Walby & June Greenwell with Lesley Mackay & Keith Soothill

Sharpeningh the Focus The Roles and Perceptions of Nursing in NHS Trusts by the Nursing Directorate

Exploring the Skills of Mental Health Nurses by Harry Gnbels & Phillip Burnard

The Deconstruction of Nursing by V Ramprogus

Nursing Care of Children edited by James P Smith