Book reviewed in this article:

Palliative Medicine — symtomatic and supportive care for patients with advance cancer and AIDS by Rogar Woodruff Asperula Pty, Heidelberg

Review of critical care nursing Case studies and application by Sheila Drake Melander

Nursing for Continence (1996) 2nd edn edited by Christine Norton

Addictive Behavior Molecules to Mankind edited by Adrian Bonner and james

Behavioural Science for Health Professionals edited by V Aitken and H Jellicoe

Nursing, Health and the Environment edited by AM Pope. MA snyder and LH

Nursing Negligence Analyzing Malpractice in the Hospital Setting by Janet Pitts Beckmann

Physiology for Nursing Practice 2nd edn edited by Hinchliff, S Montague and R Watson)

Glasgow College of Nursing & Midwifery (East Division) Midwifery Practice Care Topice 1 edited by Jo Alexander, Valerie Levy and Sarah

Epidemiology Nursing and Health Care by A Mulhall

The Professional Development of Students in the New Nursing Program of 1993 (Studenternas professionella utveckling i det nya sjukskoterskeprogrammet 1993) by Bengt Sivberg, Kerstin Peterson and lris Erlöv