The experience of reassurance: patients’ perspectives


  • Asraf Fareed BEd(Hons) SRN DSR RCNT CertEd RNT MSc(Nursing)

    1. Senior Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire, Hillside House, Hatfield All O 9AB, England
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This study sets out to examine reassurance from the perspective of patients from a medical and a surgical setting in a local general hospital unit The rationale for studying reassurance is discussed and it is indicated that the phenomenon of reassurance as a caring construct is under-researched The aims of the study are listed and phenomenology is used as the research method to answer the research question posed The participants were asked to describe their experiences of being reassured by the nurses Unstructured interviews were the main method of data collection and the sample consisted of eight patients of mixed gender Data were analysed using Colaizzi's procedural steps and these are described The process of research is described and ethical considerations discussed The results are described using raw data from the subjects The emerging themes include perception of the environment, ‘being with’, receiving information and knowledge of facts, interpersonal skills, ‘being there’, communication skills, trusting relationship, being cared for, assertion of optimism, and humanistic traits of the nurses In the conclusion, the limitations of the study are briefly mentioned The relevance of the findings to nursing practice are addressed and tentative recommendations for further research are made